Our Work and Our Witness

We are, by our presence and our service, living witnesses to the love God has for all people, especially the least of these.  We function under the admonition of St. Francis of Assisi:  

Preach the Gospel at all times.  Use words when necessary.

We desire that the ways in which we live, work and care for each other reflect the love of God for His people.  We demonstrate in our daily lives the dignity of each individual and the incomparable value they have because God has created them—just as they are.

While we pray that our actions speak of the love of Christ, we know that sometimes words are necessary to clarify why we do what we do.  We do not hesitate to share that we have accepted Jesus’ invitation to follow Him, and we invite others to do the same.

Sometimes this means presenting God’s invitation to life with Him to someone who has never heard it before.  More often, however, it is helping a person clarify for himself who God is and what He asks.  We use the Bible as our ultimate and definitive source in helping these folks through the confusion of religion and into the freedom of a relationship with Jesus Christ. We do not hesitate to verbalize our commitment to Him, and encourage other to make a decision to become Christ-followers.